Rooibush Jardin Rouge (100 gr)

Rooibush Jardin Rouge (100 gr)

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Strongly flavoured red herbal tea

Contrary to classic red rooibos, which are fermented, this one is only dried. The infusion has a nice pale green colour, with a sugarless flavour. This very aromatic blend has got some sunflowers petals with a delicate perfume of rose, strawberry, vanilla and grapefruit.

Origin : South Africa

Colour : Red herbal tea

Appearance : Small red thorns and bits

Water Temperature : 90°C

Brewing Time : 5 min

Notes: Red herbal tea well perfumed with aromas of rose, strawberrry, vanilla and grapefruit.

 In Our Opinion : A best seller among Betjeman and Barton's rooibos family